These pages are for you, to find ideas, inspiration, and hopefully a smile or laugh once in a while.   And, these pages are for me too, so that I can create a living, breathing story that reminds me of all the causes to celebrate being on this planet with YOU!

People Forward = People First.

A couple years ago when I thought of creating a nickname or handle, I first thought of the place I call my home-base: Northern California Wine Country.  A common way of describing wine is “fruit forward”.  While I am not a wine-o (that’s a nice way of saying wine connoisseur), I kept coming back to a variation on a wine theme.  People first = people forward.  Without getting too “lecture-y”, I’ll say this for now:

  • I connect people.  I find ways for people to celebrate- anything and everything.
  • My passion is growing successful businesses that make life easier for people.

Fortunately, I also make a living doing just that, and so the facets of my life mesh really well together.

Often, the lines are blurred between how I live my business life, as well as my personal life.  I believe that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.  It’s my mission to make each moment count.

My philosophy of life and business?  “There’s enough for everyone, get YOUR slice.

You’ll notice from all the social icons, I’m a social animal.
I eat, breathe, sleep, and yes, I dream social relationships.
I’m fascinated with that intersection between humans and technology. There’s a common thread through everything I think, everything I do, every interaction and choice I make in my life and business.

Should you find yourself wanting to work with me at some point, drop me a line ~ if the stars align, we’ll PLAY at working and work at PLAYING!  All the while, bringing ‘home’ specific, measurable, and outrageous results (because I also LOVE playing numbers games, built on solid foundations of inter-connectedness).

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