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One Thing: Be Approachable

One of my simple principles of building successful businesses is this:  Be approachable.

Whether yours is a brick and mortar, online business or a combination of both, I believe in simple elements that turn prospects into customers, customers into friends, and friends into evangelists who will refer their family, friends, and associates.  After all, your business is YOU; two parts of the same whole.

So – be approachable. What do I mean by this?  Well, to clarify, let’s say that being approachable is NOT being stuffy, hoity-toity, know-it-all, presumptuous, or otherwise intimidating.  We no longer win by intimidation.  Well, maybe some do, but it’s neither scalable nor sustainable.

Being raised in a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve seen wild success and miserable failures unfold before my eyes; from a very young age.  Continue reading

One Thing: Personal

Personal branding works #GetYourSlice

Be mine #GetYourSlice

One Thing:  Personal  As I travel from my home-base in Northern California Wine Country, meeting up with online friends OFF line, I am reminded that we are all here to bring something special to the world, in our personal and business lives.

What do I know for sure?  Each of us was put here on the planet to make a difference.

So, in a series of posts, I’m going to focus on simple elements of business which pave avenues through your business “doors” (whether you are brick and mortar, or online or both).  Continue reading

Foodie: A Family Distinction

My mom and I, early 2012

My mom on her birthday, early 2012, as her hair was growing back, so thick and curly

I come by it “honestly”, as they say.  My mom was a “foodie” before there was such a term.

Whether you resonate or resent the terminology, there are people in our world for whom food matters; people who appreciate food and all it’s characteristics:  the colors, the aromas, the techniques, flavor profiles, cultural aspects and unifying characteristics.  “Foodie” is a general term, in my mind, for those people.  Food transcends so much.  It often speaks a language which can bring cultures together, much like music, wine, a baby’s coo, a puppy’s hop, a cat’s purr, and true love.   Continue reading

local vineyards

Get Your Slice

My tag line originated during my years of fundraising for non-profits, ranging from the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association), as a kid, to my current endeavors.

“There’s enough for everyone, get YOUR slice”

When I became mature enough to understand this fully, I started to see how this also applies in the professional for-profit realm. While many business owners see similar businesses as a threat, or competition, I see them much differently.  While a startling number of my contemporaries see lack where I see abundance, this “tag line” is a touch stone for my life.


Mia Voss

My friend, Mia Voss, Founder of The Mia Connect, coined a phrase on a recent show of hers:  “Collaboration is the new competition”.

To distill my approach, I put it this way… Continue reading

5 Business Lessons From My Mother

My mom 14 months after her last chemo treatment

My mom 14 months after her last chemo treatment #BusinessTips #GetYourSlice

My mom is wise, generous, and kind – and she knows her way around business, and money-making.  I know she wouldn’t want me to reveal the particulars about her finances (she’s still grumbling about the extremely personal details I revealed in the blog I wrote while she had cancer), so I won’t.  But she is a smart cookie when it comes to business building and investing.  She’s done ok for herself; on her own for the past 40 years….let’s just leave it at that.

Inherent in every moment of my mom’s life, there is evidence of basic business principles she raised us with, lucky for me.  Her father, who emigrated from Baghdad, was also a great teacher.  He led our family with a gentle, yet firm approach to the family business, and a work ethic that wouldn’t quit.  Continue reading

The Man, 2013

Burning Man Dust Off

I’ve been dusting off; experiencing the annual re-entry into what we call the virtual world this past week.

And, as is always the case in life, there is so much happening in our world these days.  Our thoughts and emotions are with the events of 9/11…we still feel the burn and miss loved ones lost that day.  Babies are being born, birthdays are being celebrated, we wake to work another day, and for many of us who attended Burning Man earlier this month, we attempt to weave our personal sentiment and consciousness into our daily lives, once again. Continue reading

Garden Grilled Ratatouille

Burning Foodie, Playa Edition

My "garden" on the playa

Burning Man – My “garden” on the playa Home-grown tomatoes, padron peppers, and basil

One of the things that I love about Burning Man, is that at any given moment, I am faced with the opportunity to make choices that will directly impact my experience.  My first year on the playa (2006), I followed the sage advice of friends who brought me into the Burning Man culture:  “read the online ‘Survival Guide’ and ‘First-Timer’s Guide'”.  Along with those two invaluable documents, and some organizational lists shared by a dear friend who knows how I thrive when armed with a list, I found my “home”.  I learned this rule of life on the playa:  your experience is in direct proportion to your preparedness (and radical self-reliance).

Since I am a self-identified “foodie”, and I love to experiment, Burning Man provides me the perfect opportunity to do so. Continue reading

Business: Distinct or Extinct


Welcome to my blog #GetYourSlice

My original motivation for creating this blog was to highlight stellar customer service, shedding light on how your business can be irresistible and compelling for your target market. To coin a phrase: I focus on generating “raving fans” who will not only become loyal brand advocates, but they’ll also refer everyone else on the planet to you.

I plan on having guest bloggers show up now and then to talk about their unique customer service experiences, and provide case studies so that you, my wonderful reader, can become inspired and moved to action which will create specific, measurable results you can be proud of in your life, and business. Continue reading

Humankind: Be both

The Pallotta TeamWorks Mobile City

The Pallotta TeamWorks Mobile City

Inspiration in a blue tent.

Through the years, I’ve found inspiration in nearly every experience, although it may not have been evident at the time.

One such experience was walking in the original Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk.  This fundraising event was a 60-mile walk, starting in San Jose, California, and ending up on the Marina Green in San Francisco.

As with most of my life-altering experiences, this one was filtered through my personal lenses, not simply as a participant who trained for months ahead of time (with an old ACL injury nagging at the right knee), but also as a community-minded business woman and entrepreneur.

The event was run by Pallotta TeamWorks, founded by Dan Pallotta.  Continue reading

The Man Burns In 30 Days

Burning Man 2011

Burning Man 2011 with our art car, “Blinky’s Motivation”

So, I guess I may as well fess up at the get-go.

I’m obsessed with Burning Man.  And, the Man burns in 30 days.

2013 will be my 8th consecutive year out on the Nevada desert – an annual “pilgrimage”.

There.  I said it.

I used to think that if I made it widely known, people I wanted to do business with would get all “judge-y” on me.  Obviously, I was projecting my own stuff, based on the (naive and uneducated) image  I  held about this “little” art festival.  It’s definitely part of who I am now because I’d like to think that the lessons I learn out there are woven into my daily life and business.  Who knew I’d take to it in such a way that it would influence my life, including my business? If you haven’t been out there, I can’t do it justice with a lame explanation here.  What I can do, however, is put up some photos that will at least give you a sense of what it looks like.  The feeling I get from being there, amongst 68 thousand citizens (2013) of Black Rock City?  Fugget-about-it.  No can do.

Continue reading