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One Thing: Gratitude

It seems like gratitude is becoming a buzz-word, just like others in a long line of buzz words (take your pick, according to your perspective). This may seem unfortunate, however, buzz-word or not, I’ll continue to keep gratitude a top focus in my life, because it’s played a huge role in the way things have unfolded for me for more than 20 years. Continue reading

One Thing: Measure What Matters

measure what matters, measure, ROI, SMMWhen I first got into the community building industry,
it was one of the most exhilarating pivots in my career as a business developer / entrepreneur. I found a way to generate profound and lasting friendships even faster and more efficiently than ever before (note: I’m what some would label an “old school marketer”). And, I discovered ways to help my clients do the same, and to measure their business growth along the way. Continue reading

One Thing: Brand YOU

branding, you, personal brand, brand, business, developmentSo, you work for a brand/”mothership”…meaning you get a regular paycheck and a W-2 at the end of the year. Or perhaps you are the “boss” of the mothership. From your company work space (office, cubicle), you are on fire to make a difference, and bring some impact to the work you do, regardless of how big that mothership is. Thing is, it’s not always possible to make the difference you envision. Continue reading

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One Thing: Stay Thirsty

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Shannon J. Hernandez

My friend, talented Phoenix broadcaster and podcast producer, Shannon J. Hernandez, invited me (via his post on Facebook) to attend Podcast San Diego, an event where he spoke to over 100 podcasters, live.
I said ‘YES’! And, I’m so glad I did.
This caused some introspection, as it was not an “impulse buy”, by any means. Continue reading


One Thing: Vulnerability

Ok, cynics and those who are less than inspired by inspirational posts….don’t laugh.
You may want to click away. It’s ok, I don’t mind (much).

This morning, while walking a few miles together, my sister and I were discussing the value of vulnerability, in life, and in business. Later this same day, I found myself moved to tears after reading two Facebook posts on my wall.  Continue reading

Say My Name

One Thing: Say My Name

I’ve been starting and growing businesses most of my life. When you grow up in a huge ethnic and entrepreneurial family, you are hard-wired to work, work, work.  So for me, working has always been like breathing, which is why I think that at a very early age, and especially as I matured into my own ventures, I figured out a way to make my business rewarding and fun, while also being profitable.

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One Thing: Personal

Personal branding works #GetYourSlice

Be mine #GetYourSlice

One Thing:  Personal  As I travel from my home-base in Northern California Wine Country, meeting up with online friends OFF line, I am reminded that we are all here to bring something special to the world, in our personal and business lives.

What do I know for sure?  Each of us was put here on the planet to make a difference.

So, in a series of posts, I’m going to focus on simple elements of business which pave avenues through your business “doors” (whether you are brick and mortar, or online or both).  Continue reading

The Man Burns In 30 Days

Burning Man 2011

Burning Man 2011 with our art car, “Blinky’s Motivation”

So, I guess I may as well fess up at the get-go.

I’m obsessed with Burning Man.  And, the Man burns in 30 days.

2013 will be my 8th consecutive year out on the Nevada desert – an annual “pilgrimage”.

There.  I said it.

I used to think that if I made it widely known, people I wanted to do business with would get all “judge-y” on me.  Obviously, I was projecting my own stuff, based on the (naive and uneducated) image  I  held about this “little” art festival.  It’s definitely part of who I am now because I’d like to think that the lessons I learn out there are woven into my daily life and business.  Who knew I’d take to it in such a way that it would influence my life, including my business? If you haven’t been out there, I can’t do it justice with a lame explanation here.  What I can do, however, is put up some photos that will at least give you a sense of what it looks like.  The feeling I get from being there, amongst 68 thousand citizens (2013) of Black Rock City?  Fugget-about-it.  No can do.

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