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One Thing: Stay Thirsty

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Shannon J. Hernandez

My friend, talented Phoenix broadcaster and podcast producer, Shannon J. Hernandez, invited me (via his post on Facebook) to attend Podcast San Diego, an event where he spoke to over 100 podcasters, live.
I said ‘YES’! And, I’m so glad I did.
This caused some introspection, as it was not an “impulse buy”, by any means. Continue reading

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One Thing: Be Considerate

Many, many years, ago, on a trip to Michigan, visiting family and friends, I was hanging out with my best friend. In an uncharacteristic outburst, she seemed to snap, raised her voice, and became very impatient with me.

This freaked me out at the time, actually, I drove back to my mom’s where I was staying, and had a good cry over the incident…and of course, I was left a bit puzzled. Continue reading


One Thing: Vulnerability

Ok, cynics and those who are less than inspired by inspirational posts….don’t laugh.
You may want to click away. It’s ok, I don’t mind (much).

This morning, while walking a few miles together, my sister and I were discussing the value of vulnerability, in life, and in business. Later this same day, I found myself moved to tears after reading two Facebook posts on my wall.  Continue reading

Say My Name

One Thing: Say My Name

I’ve been starting and growing businesses most of my life. When you grow up in a huge ethnic and entrepreneurial family, you are hard-wired to work, work, work.  So for me, working has always been like breathing, which is why I think that at a very early age, and especially as I matured into my own ventures, I figured out a way to make my business rewarding and fun, while also being profitable.

Continue reading

Foodie: A Family Distinction

My mom and I, early 2012

My mom on her birthday, early 2012, as her hair was growing back, so thick and curly

I come by it “honestly”, as they say.  My mom was a “foodie” before there was such a term.

Whether you resonate or resent the terminology, there are people in our world for whom food matters; people who appreciate food and all it’s characteristics:  the colors, the aromas, the techniques, flavor profiles, cultural aspects and unifying characteristics.  “Foodie” is a general term, in my mind, for those people.  Food transcends so much.  It often speaks a language which can bring cultures together, much like music, wine, a baby’s coo, a puppy’s hop, a cat’s purr, and true love.   Continue reading