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One Thing: Speak Plainly

I was speaking with a new friend on the phone recently. As we were trading life-stories about how we got “here”, I was reminded of one of the reasons I chose to start my agency, People Forward. Out of that conversation, we both agreed that it would be great if more people in business, especially the corporate world, would speak plainly.

A little background
I had worked as a contractor, inside the marketing arm of a Silicon Valley internet startup for the better part of two years. This was a valuable experience, and although I worked remotely, some of my favorite days were the ones I drove 200 miles to and from Sunnyvale for “all hands meetings”. I met with my team and the Founders.  I got to sit side-by-side, doing QA with the engineers. Continue reading

Humankind: Be both

The Pallotta TeamWorks Mobile City

The Pallotta TeamWorks Mobile City

Inspiration in a blue tent.

Through the years, I’ve found inspiration in nearly every experience, although it may not have been evident at the time.

One such experience was walking in the original Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk.  This fundraising event was a 60-mile walk, starting in San Jose, California, and ending up on the Marina Green in San Francisco.

As with most of my life-altering experiences, this one was filtered through my personal lenses, not simply as a participant who trained for months ahead of time (with an old ACL injury nagging at the right knee), but also as a community-minded business woman and entrepreneur.

The event was run by Pallotta TeamWorks, founded by Dan Pallotta.  Continue reading