People Talking

Yep, people talk about me.

Luckily, in a good way.  I’m really fortunate to attract some of the coolest and most talented people; a great bunch of smarty-pants-es from various walks of life and professions.

If you want to see a pretty big run-down of what people say about me in my professional life, head over to my LinkedIn profile.

Here are a handful of the recommendations I’m honored with, and humbled by:

“Lynn is an outstanding pro and educator in the space of Social Media. She was attentive and present with me and addressed my needs and learning curve. 
She was flexible and customized my training based upon the areas of my interests and needs. 
Her coaching is top notch and well integrated. The work was helpful and user friendly and we came up with some new and great ideas in the process. 
The tools were relevant to me, and my current level of knowledge, and my desire to learn social marketing tools. 
I have been able to begin using the tools I learned to build my Personal Brand, as well as become informed enough to make a difference in the Social Media community and for other business contacts. 
I am still learning what it means to be a truly Social Business in today’s market place, but the tools I gained from working with Lynn are invaluable. 
It is my pleasure to recommend Lynn as a leader and pioneer in the world of Social Business Media.”
Lee Morgan Brown, Creative Fund Raiser, Business Development, and Team Start-up Professional

“My name is Laura Fenamore and I run an online coaching business for women called I hired Lynn to support my marketing efforts and social media. Lynn brings her professionalism and love to everything she does for my company and she takes her work to a whole new level with her attention to detail and forward thinking attitude. She enjoys “marketing the heck” out of the brand/company and brings her passion to everything she does.
What any business owner wants is someone on their team who cares about the business as much as they do and that is LYNN. She cares and it comes through in her work and performance.
I would recommend her in a heartbeat and cannot wait to have her focus on the next project, as she is the kind of person you never want to let go of.”

“Lynn is a spectacular evangelist for any business. She is smart, self-motivated, driven, and above all a pleasure to interact with. I know the businesses she brought to us at LikeList were fans of hers because she took such good care of them and she was definitely someone I relied on to make sure our programs were successful. She’s also a lot of fun to have around and I very much look forward to working with Lynn again someday.”
Mark Dadgar, VP, Product Management at Oscaro Products, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Lynn on and off for the past 15 years. She is an amazing talent. Her marketing acumen is outstanding and her passion and organizational skills are superb. I always find myself going back to her for advice, for assistance and for general support in all my projects.”
Lucas Putnam, VFX Editor, WETA Digital, and Founder of La Boca Loca, Wellington, New Zealand

“Lynn’s acumen runs the gamut of business development to brand ambassador and everything in between. Her drive and problem solving abilities are a significant asset to any organization looking for someone who gets things done.”
Theda Sandiford, VP, Digital Marketing at Republic Records, Blogger, Artist, Sommelier 

“Lynn was an absolute pleasure to have on the team. She’s a self-starter that brings enthusiasm and a positive attitude to work every day. Not only was Lynn a real professional that knew how to do her job, she got results, and you just have to like that.”
Michael McConachie, Co-Founder/COO,