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Social Media Marketing and first things first…
Let’s get down to it.  Here’s a short list of the stuff I do:
Community Building – using traditional and new (digital) marketing approaches from the inside-out of your business.  I have some pretty solid and valued connections.  I understand the nuances of relationship building through all types of networking, on and off line. Includes social media marketing.
Business Consultant and Advisor – how to get your business from where it is now (stuck?) to the next level and beyond with creative brainstorming, and lots of fun, dynamic tools of the trade. I am a systems maniac, and I specialize in extraordinary follow-through with crazy attention to detail, on every level.
Brand Evangelism – helping you create raving fans who not only return again and again to your business…they refer all their friends and family to you.
Social Media Consultancy and Agency – I can help you get set up on all the social media channels, and become your trusted voice to amplify your message.  Social Media Marketing with National and Global brand awareness.
I love startups, I’m a serial entrepreneur, and I understand and thrive on the challenge and the risks of building companies.

I am committed to working with companies who understand the necessity of being “social”; holistically creating systems and strategies that help make this happen across all relevant social “channels”.
Bring me in to coach your existing team, or outsource your social voice to me completely.
I’ll help you assess the best solution for your goals and desires.

I’m interested in working with businesses who put people first, like I do.

Universal Law - the answer is YES!

Universal Law – the answer is YES!

I stand for, and commit to conscious businesses.  What is a conscious business?  You look forward; you’re progressive.  You view people as your greatest asset and resource, internally and externally.  You have a clear mission and even if you haven’t yet fine-tuned it, you have a passion for creating something distinct, unique, and original.  You’re a problem-solver and a renegade.  You’re slightly irreverent, and you find the humor in even the most scary situations.  And, by the way, you are respectful and nice to all people.

I lead with an intense passion to make a difference in every project I choose. I’ve established a track record of connecting the dots for results – the kind of success you measure in numbers of people who do business with you, and who send their friends and family members through your doors, resulting in big wins for all.

When you work with me, it almost feels like playing, because it’s not super fun, so I try to inject humor and fun into the process.

Based on my extensive experience; with my keen eyes and ears, I assess your business from our first meeting.  I dig in and go deep, which may provoke you to simplify and streamline.  I help identify ways to amplify your messaging; stimulating your business approach, your people, and your business as a whole, living, breathing, dynamic organism, capable of growth beyond your wildest dreams.  In just the first hour, you’ll gain value for your business.  You might even bare your soul (it happens – wink).

I integrate my expertise in building businesses literally from the ground -> up. Every detail is scrutinized so that your business generates an environment in which to thrive.

We know that successful businesses must  also be social businesses.  I have developed a special “voice” whereby your business will stand out, and over time, create a trusting, loyal and enthusiastic brand advocacy.

Work with me, if you are on fire to generate some heat and mix it up.  It’ll be challenging, and fun.  I promise.

And, did I mention, I LOVE startups?  I love the energy, the challenge, the risk, and the dynamic people that startups attract.  Some business consultants run away from startups.  Bring it.  I’m ready.

Here’s how to let me know you’d like to have a quick assessment conversation – just email me directly: