One Thing: Assume The Best

May 7, 2018 Lynn Abaté-Johnson No comments exist
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One Thing: Assume The Best

If there's one thing I've learned the hard way, it's to assume the best.

Aside from all the courses and workshops and personality tests and assessments I've participated in, this has been a cornerstone of my growth, personally and professionally.

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I'm happy by nature. It's not really in my DNA to be easily offended, or see the worst in a situation, or other people. However, I have developed a healthy respect for the lack of control I have in life. By this, I mean that I now consider myself optimistic, and realistic at the same time. My close friends know that when I'm assessing any situation, I hold a big vision, and I analyze the worst-case-scenario. Why? Because, while I assume the best is going to happen eventually, I also know that life and circumstances can and do spin out of our control at times.

Therefore, I find it much healthier for me personally, to mitigate what I can, and let go of the rest.

While planning for the best outcome, it's important to also anticipate the worst-case-scenario. This generates a level of freedom, mitigating unnecessary drama and stress later on. Click To Tweet

I often share a blog post by Cindi Noble entitled: "Living Offended? Buckle Up". This post has stuck with me since I first read it, and I refer to it from time to time. It's a wonderful overview of how being on the offense, as a state-of-being, is not only unhealthy, it's counter productive.

You may notice characteristics that hinder your productivity,

and also, in others you come into contact with. Knowing how the dynamics unfold when someone takes a certain approach to any given situation can make a difference in how we lead others in a course of action.

When we assume the best, there's an unspoken body language that others can read. This has a way of disarming people, causing a ripple effect, where there's more room for creativity, fun, and joyful productivity (my business theme for… Click To Tweet

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I've noticed on many occasions throughout the years, that the clients I attract, since I've adopted a more positive approach, are of like-mind. Talk about freedom (one of my top 3 core values)!! This shift in my perspective has made it easier to attract quality clients, what I call high-paying, low-maintenance clients. I never would have believed this unless I had proven it to myself. It really works, and the reason I'm sharing this is that I believe it can work for anyone, once we wake up to this aspect of life, and put it into practice.

Living offended? Get over it.

Life brings way more obstacles and stress naturally. Why add fuel to that fire? You can make a difference in your business and your life by assuming the best. Click To Tweet

What are some of the ways you've been able to turn things around in your business by making assumptions that give the benefit of the doubt to yourself and others? I'd love to hear real-life examples of how you may have turned an otherwise unpleasant situation around, by making a shift in your thinking.

Please share here in the comments. And thank you for stopping by!

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