One Thing: Focus On The People

February 11, 2018 Lynn Abaté-Johnson No comments exist
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One Thing: Focus On The People

Focus on the people - it's what People Forward is all about.

This is somewhat related to my previous post about commitment, and how my nephew inspired me to write about that human characteristic.

My story also relates to business and marketing. In fact, personal stories are almost always woven into my business practices. There are inherent lessons in life and business for all to be encouraged by. This is my attempt at encouragement, especially if you find yourself frustrated that you may not have the "audience" you'd like - yet.

I was at my nephew Val's soccer game.

He plays on the Varsity team for Sonoma Valley High School.

My sister wanted to see him play, but she wasn't there in person. She asked me to broadcast live from Facebook, so, of course, I did.opportunity, blog, people, focus, marketing

This triggered a reminder of what's really important in our lives, and especially in our business lives.
I thought to myself, for a few seconds, "why should I go live on my FB page when only one person is really interested?".
I debated whether it was worth it, how it would "look" to the rest of my audience, to broadcast a personal experience.
And then, I realized: I was doing exactly what many other decision-makers do.

I pre-judged my audience, and considered withholding the broadcast.

So many business people, especially entrepreneurs, get fixated on numbers, without much concern about the actual impact of the work they're doing. We all want to see returns on our investment of time and energy, and of course, money. We would all like to think (and this is our ego-voice) that everything we do has value.

When it comes to messaging, there are often a few different things that can happen:

1) people second-guess themselves (leading to lack of confidence, which shows) or

2) stay silent (robbing their audience of potentially valuable ideas), or

3) worse, get discouraged and stop sharing, if they don't garner the attention that they think they 'should'.

First of all the word 'should' is useless. Let's strike that word from our vocabularies right now, shall we?

And, I digress. Focus on the people, people!

The real mission, in my mind is to make an impact on your audience, whether that audience is one, or 100,000. In this very simple case, the impact of me turning on my camera and spending time on Facebook live was well worth the effort that I put into it. Why?

Because there was one person on the other end who mattered, and that is all it takes sometimes to make a difference.

The fact that there were other people watching, or that there may be other people watching at a different time on the replay, is gravy. The thing that most of us miss in life and business is patience.

patience, blog, business, entrepreneurWe all want instant gratification.

I can't tell you the number of business owners I've worked with who are completely impatient; unrealistic in their expectations.

We all want an EASY BUTTON. We want results in no time.
And, we often don't have the foresight and fortitude to stay a course; building business, layer-by-layer.
Often, decision-makers give up just before a breakthrough. It happens all the time.

The crux of the matter is this -

if we're doing our very best, and we cover all the bases, sometimes it's a matter of timing and tenacity to make a long-term impact on the bottom line, obviously helpful in business.

So, again, I encourage you to GO for it, if you have an idea you think is worth spreading, and a message worth sharing. Focus on the people you serve.
Rather than over-thinking it, try out lots of different ways to get your message out there. Live broadcasting today is simply one of the best.
That's a topic for a different post. However, if you want to learn from a master on the subject, I refer you to my good friend, Jennifer Quinn, Live streaming Expert and author.JennyQ, Livestream, Expert, Jennifer Quinn, expertise, live streaming

The kind of patience and tenacity that it takes to make it in this noisy and competitive world is rare, I find.
If this post accomplishes nothing else, my hope is that it will encourage you to stick with it, do the best you can, ask for the help that you need, and make a difference whenever and however you can.

I'm wondering if there have been times when you think that you have given up too soon,
or when you have prejudged the impact you may have on even one person.
Often, it's all about timing. Right place, right time kind of thing. We've all experience that. I'd like to hear your stories.

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