One Thing: Gratitude

May 19, 2017 Lynn Abaté-Johnson No comments exist
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One Thing: Gratitude

It seems like gratitude is becoming a buzz-word, just like others in a long line of buzz words (take your pick, according to your perspective). This may seem unfortunate, however, buzz-word or not, I’ll continue to keep gratitude a top focus in my life, because it’s played a huge role in the way things have unfolded for me for more than 20 years.


Gratitude in business and in everyday life

I’ve been working in customer-facing business settings since I was nine years old. I wrote a little about that here.


And here’s what I’ve noticed about the practice of gratitude in business. It brings MORE of everything one desires. More people, more sales, more affiliation, more recommendations, more referrals, more smiles, more peace, and on and on.


In my world, business mirrors every day life.


Around 1995, it became very clear to me, as a student of Ontology at Landmark Worldwide, that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. This is really when my life and business shifted into high gratitude mode, even though it was a very transitional (read: tumultuous) time for me personally.


So, it follows, that my business life is integrated into my personal life, and vice-versa. It seems very natural to me. Part of this stems from my profound sense of gratitude. I grew up extremely sensitive to the “energy”, shall we say, of those around me. Call it what you will…empathy, intuition, judgment…I watched and listened intently from a very young age. I formed opinions and ideas based on what I learned, and I still do, every day.

In my business, I serve conscious brands and organizations (read: people) that make life better and easier for others. I’m very particular about who I choose to work with, because:

a) I establish lasting relationships, going above and beyond trading time for money,
b) it matters to me that I make a difference in the world as a whole – AND
c) that I have an impact for the people I serve.

This brings me and my clients a measure of satisfaction, challenge, and even joy (there’s always an element of fun we weave through our everyday missions). The foundation for every thought process is gratitude. When everything else is up in the air or in doubt, I default to gratitude, and of course, love. It works well.


At this point in my life, I am blessed with a perspective based on gratitude, because I “get” to choose. As the saying goes, “be the author of your life, not a victim of your circumstances”.


When mistakes, failures, and tears would come in my earlier days of business, family, and work life, there was ONE thing that made a difference, and after giving myself a few minutes to sulk, pout, whine, brought me back to “center”: Gratitude. In my former days as a sales recruiter and trainer, I’d give my team members five minutes for a “pity party” and then we move forward.


Pure and simple. Gratitude is a cornerstone of my life, along with LOVE. If I can move my thoughts to Gratitude, everything else seems to eventually fall into place.


I encourage you to “try on” some gratitude, if it’s not already a practice in your life. See how a shift to gratitude can make a difference, even in the smallest way.


IMG_2090There are many ways to regulate our emotions and thought patterns.


What brings YOU back to “center”, where you are reminded of who you are and what your purpose is? Do you have a particular example of a time you were able to “correct” your course by calling upon a core value of YOURS?


Please share here in the comments.
And thank you for stopping in – and reading all the way through to this point!

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