One Thing: Health Is Wealth

January 20, 2018 Lynn Abaté-Johnson 4 comments
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One Thing: Health Is Wealth

"Your health is your wealth"

I know, I know what you are thinking already. Cliché, right?

As I like to say, it would not be a cliché if it didn't have some truth to it. And this is personally related to my life as an entrepreneur.

Obviously, for those who know me, or have read my previous blog posts, especially where I talk about my mom, this is a subject near and dear to my heart.

On May 1, 2017, my strong little powerhouse of a Mama took her final breath.

Her name was Rosemary Ann Hakim (known as RahRah to her grandchildren and extended community). More about that whole experience in another blog post, and for sure in my upcoming book.

A month after my mom died, I thought it might be a good idea to start focusing, intently, on my personal health and well-being. Through my mom's 6+ year cancer battle and watching others face health challenges, I learned the true meaning of the airline's caution, "put your oxygen mask on first".

So, I went to work on myself. I joined an online fitness and nutrition program, unlike any I had ever seen before, called ResetU. Starting June 5th, it was hands-down the best choice I've ever made for a pro-active personal health journey. I could go on and on about my trainers there, who have extensive experience and genuinely care about their clients. I'll leave it at a mention of their names, Glenn Dawson and Brandon Straker, because I will be forever grateful that they chose to focus on MY particular niche market!!

In taking better care of myself, what unfolded for me, was so much more than the lbs I dropped (so far). I finally functioned at a nearly optimal level, enjoying daily life more, and even when the wild fires hit our Northern California neighborhood in Sonoma Valley, the balance I had begun to attain paid off in immeasurable ways.

Fast forward a couple months, as I started to think about my health journey...I'm on Facebook, and I notice that my friend, author and speaker, Debra Jason, (not coincidentally) shared the meme you see here. I always say there are no accidents. Debra's Facebook meme quote about this very subject came up at the perfect time. It's actually a quote from her book entitled: Millionaire Marketing On A Shoestring Budget..."When you nurture yourself, you nurture your business."nurture, health, business, bizdev

Debra is very wise, and has a positive outlook on lifestyle, business, and self-care. It's friends like these who reinforce my own thoughts and feelings about the importance of putting my health first.

And here's how all this relates to building a successful business.

If our health is shaky, and when issues arise (which often do, because, of course, we are not in control of EVERYTHING), it's important to have systems and practices in place for when we need to function in business. There are many, many layers to this.

I, personally, am in a position of health and well-being today, I am able to think these things through, and plan for and future occurrences. And that's my point here, entirely. Be prepared by maintaining optimal health in advance. And also, have a plan in place for those times when things are out of your control.

For example, you may have already thought of these cornerstones:

1) Make your Number One focus YOU (each day)

If you get sick, you are not much good to those you are in relationship with. Family, friends, co-workers, and the people in your life that you are responsible to and for, are counting on you to be "there" for them.

2) Mitigate issues wherever you can

And no, I'm not promoting flu shots here. You know what to do, how to stay healthy, overall. Do more of that stuff. Eating right, exercising, drinking, smoking, all the usuals…

If you can't do it on your own, ask for help. Pay for help. I realized that in MY life, this is the ONE area of discipline I need help in. Without investing money and being accountable to others in the realm of (especially) exercise and nutrition, I'll put everyone and everything else before ME. And "that 'aint right".

3) Have a system and plan in place, "just in case"

When my mom was sick/dying, anytime I booked a flight, I bought flight insurance. You get the idea. It alleviated MORE stress in an already stressful situation, where I found myself putting my Mom and family first, above all else. Anything you can do to mitigate stress, do it, ahead of time (can you see I'm a "planner"?).

In the last couple years, as my business really grew, I reached out to other marketing professionals in my industry who I know and trust. We agreed to exchange information, client lists, and personal (family) contact details, just in case anything (like an accident/emergency) happened that would take us out of "commission". So, that was done, and again, mitigated my anxiety about "what if" something happened to me where I was knocked unconscious or something.

Have I mentioned that I'm a realistic optimist?

I am very well known in my close circles for looking at, and preparing for the "worst-case scenario". I expect the best and prepare for the worst. In almost every instance, whether it's life or business. There's ALWAYS a work-around. Why? I have enough juggling to do on a daily basis, with my business, family, friends. It's ALL great stuff, and I want to keep things running as smoothly as possible. My approach, and my passion for creating efficient systems works well for me and those I serve. health, wealth, business, self-care

I know darn well (now that I've been on the battleground with my Mom's terminal illness) that there will ALWAYS be sources of stress. Like, literally, on a daily basis. Therefore, my point of view serves me really well, and I figure that if I take my own advice, as above, life is much more simple and stress-free.

Because, we all know that stress really CAN kill.

I'd love to hear various ways that you bring your own health into your daily routine.

I always appreciate getting new ideas, and most of all, I appreciate you reading this far.

Please let me know you are here; say hello!

Here's to our health!



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What an inspiring article, filled with so many wonderful reminders and perspectives. Thank you!!


Great article Lynn!