One Thing: Invest

April 1, 2018 Lynn Abaté-Johnson 2 comments
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One Thing: Invest

Recently, it occurred to me that one of the cornerstones of my success through the years has been to invest in myself and my business.

I have also come to realize, through the roller-coaster that life presents, that it's important to continually invest, even if (and often, especially when) we feel depleted.

I've always been a believer that it's important to invest time and money in business.

My mom and grandparents, who raised me as an entrepreneur, always said that "it takes money to make money".

I've found, through the years that when I follow this guideline, it pays off in more ways than I could have predicted.

There are many ways to invest in our businesses and ourselves. Click To Tweet I know that my clients appreciate my relentless thirst for knowledge. I'm always enrolling in courses, coaching, and conferences, to enrich my base of experience. This helps me stay current on what's really happening in my digital marketing industry. And the books! I love paper books and audio books. Here, I've published a book list for your consideration (no affiliate links contained there). Investing my time in reading books and blogs (like this one: Socialnomics), is another cornerstone of my business, invest, social media, business consulting, business development, consulting, social business

Since 2017 was rife with extenuating personal circumstances beyond my control, I made the choice to generate new business in 2018. How? Focused intention and joyful productivity. I set out to invest in my business from the very start of 2018. I am happy to say that with my renewed focus, and a whole lot of support from some very smart industry friends and leaders, I've carved out some great results for myself, and in turn, my clients.

And it's only the end of the first quarter!

What is making the difference?

Here's one thing I've done that seems to be making the most impact...I highly recommend enrolling in a Private Facebook Group
called H2H (Human-To-Human) Marketing Club, also known as "Scribe Tribe". This exclusive club is led by the genius team of Courtney Smith Kramer and Bryan Kramer, who have always been an inspiration to me. Now, more than ever, I've entrusted them with my business growth. It's paid off in large and small ways. If you are interested in growing your business through very specific marketing and business development guidance, join this dynamic and welcoming group of professionals.

I've also scheduled quite a bit of travel time to various destinations for working with new clients, as well as linking those trips to relevant conferences.

I believe strongly that to invest in business growth also entails being WITH people.

For me, this means getting out from behind my laptop screen, making eye-to-eye contact with potential clients and industry leaders. I evaluate each and every opportunity that comes my way. I'm super discerning about how, where, and with whom I invest my time and professional development dollars. This has given me a very well rounded start to this year. From a results standpoint, I've generate more revenue (in a relatively short time) to invest back into my clients and myself.

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How are you set for the rest of your business year?
Do you set goals with due dates? Do you methodically comb through all the noise and make informed choices about where you'll invest your resources (time & money)?

Have those choices morphed for you over the years?

I know mine have, in direct proportion to my goals, which are often dynamic (and at times, give me a pit in my stomach, which indicates it's probably a worthwhile pursuit).

Thank you for reading - and for commenting & sharing, if you feel so inclined.

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Terri Miller

Great post, Lynn with lots of important reminders? Thanks for sharing your knowledge and what’s been working for you!—Terri