One Thing: Make It Easy

June 5, 2017 Lynn Abaté-Johnson 1 comment
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One Thing: Make it easy

One of my business mantras is this: if you are committed to #GetYourSlice,Home page GetYourSlice
make it easy for people to do business with you. Online and off.


Simple example.
You have a brick and mortar, store-front business, where people drive to you and park their vehicles.
Give us easy access to your front door!


Have you ever visited a business with limited parking out front and yet, you notice the company vehicles are parked as close to the entrance as they could possibly get?  I have, and it really sends a message that the business is unconscious; definitely NOT customer-centered. There’s a local business that does this consistently, and yet, I really like the people who work there. But the owner and employees insist on taking up the parking spaces, already limited, right outside the door. I should also mention that the product I’m buying there comes in heavy cases, which require a hand-truck to get out to my vehicle. The employees help me wheel the case(s) outside to the car, but with their own trucks parked right in front, there’s often a much more (unnecessarily) circuitous path to loading up. Not a real warm welcome.


Here’s an example of a customer-centric business who did it “right”. It happens to be a local church that also hosted elections as an official Polling Place, so not only do they welcome First-Time Church-goers, they also created a warm welcome right up front, for the voters who showed up on Election Day.
I thought that was very good form. I appreciated it.


Too many businesses unwittingly block customers from doing business with them, in many ways, physically and figuratively.  Make it easy, please.


Online, it’s the same thing.  If I have to click more than once to find a resource, reference, or item I want to purchase from you, then I assume you are focused on yourself making a buck and not me as the new or repeat customer. Stop sending customers down rabbit holes on the web with multiple, unnecessary clicks. It only detracts from you and your business.


I can site a million examples of this, which is why it’s my mission to help my own clients make it easy for prospects and customers (their audiences) to do business with them.  What’s more, as much as I am committed to growing business results by making it easy for your customers (as many as you desire) to act, I’m also equally concerned with making it EASY for those happy customers, raving fans, brand evangelists to REFER you.  Gaining referral business is a lost art, as far as I’m concerned. Imagine blocking happy customers from referring you to their friends.


And yet, business owners do it every day, all day long, on and off line.


Your job as a business owner, manager, director, marketer, sales, PR and every other professional in charge of driving traffic through your business doors, whether on or off line:  Make it easy for prospects to:

a)   find you

b)   do business with you

c)   refer you to others once you dazzle them


Simple as that.


What are some of the ways you do this already in YOUR business and how do you, as a prospect/customer reward those who are doing it “right” (hints: repeat business, referring to friends)?

I’d love to know, and your ideas, shared here, can help shape more customer-focused businesses around the world.


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