One Thing: Take Your Own Advice

May 19, 2017 Lynn Abaté-Johnson No comments exist
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One Thing: Take Your Own Advice

It happened to me.
A few years ago, I finally took my own advice.


Has that ever happened to you?
I hope so. It’s a great feeling when you take your own advice.
I got out of my own way.
And, it is paying off, big time, even when the proverbial ‘poo’ hits the fan.
In keeping with the promise of the Landmark Forum (more about that later), I am leading an extraordinary life (this was not always the case).


Here are just a few things I have learned over the years that make it stick. Maybe you can relate:

The big things in life (like when your mom gets stage IIIC ovarian cancer) are somehow more “manageable”, if that’s even possible, when we feel the fear, and do it anyway. Aside from the gifts of my mom’s health journey, mixed in with the horrors (which I’ve written about previously), I would like to cite an even more recent example.


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Kate Erickson delivers her first ever keynote at #PSD15

I attended a conference where the keynote speaker, Kate Erickson, who was speaking for the first time, nailed this, in word, and in deed. She spoke about the fears we all learn, as we are growing up, and how we can create breakthroughs out of breakdowns, as we vow to move through it, because there is no avoiding or going “around” it. I’ve heard it before. What was different this time, was that I was witnessing the actions of someone who was literally plowing through her fears, right there, on stage, in a way that most professional speakers I’ve seen have not pulled off. This lady went from feeling invisible in her life, to overcoming her fears of not being seen. Quite a thing to witness first-hand.


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That’s me, making choices on the playa

“The experience we create is in direct proportion to our preparedness.” Ok, now, don’t laugh. I learned this one going to Burning Man, starting in 2006. Out of my fear of not feeling comfortable and not fitting in to the culture there, I devoured every recommended post on the Burning Man website, got checklists from a good friend who is super-organized (like me), prepared and planned to where I covered every contingency. I even had an “escape” plan, just in case I had to leave early because I couldn’t handle it. Suffice to say, the experience is life-altering and magical – going on 10 consecutive years. I took full responsibility for my experience, and it paid off in miraculous ways. Who’da thunk?


“Making a great living and working from the heart are not mutually exclusive.” It’s true. I’ve proven it to myself, despite all indications (and popular belief systems) to the contrary. One can choose work that’s meaningful, fun, dynamic, challenging, heart-and-soul-centered, true-to-one’s nature, and experience financial freedom. What a feeling. And, like most successful entrepreneurs, this had only happened in waves of energy, like a roller-coaster, in previous years and careers. This time, it’s sticking.


When you take your own advice, you are also taking responsibility, in a way that cannot be fully measured, because the results show up in every facet of life. I’m proud to say that I’m a work in progress. It’s more fun this way, to be adventuring through life, with those I admire, look up to, and emulate. All those people have their own fears and challenges. They have (mostly) learned to acknowledge those things and keep moving in a forward direction.


There’s no replacing experience and time-tested wisdom borne of challenges and a roller-coaster life.


The difference is being at choice, taking personal responsibility, and making it a mission to step out of our own way, taking the advise we’d offer someone else in similar circumstances.Photo Mar 29, 11 28 13 PM


In 1996, I made a bold choice to accept a challenge, literally, a dare, to enroll in the Landmark Curriculum for Living, starting with the Landmark Forum. And here’s a quote that really sticks with me: “Be the author of your life, not the victim of your circumstances.”


I’d love to know how you emerged from a belief system that didn’t serve you, to one where you created a win. Just one.
Won’t you please share here?


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