One Thing: Vulnerability

June 5, 2017 Lynn Abaté-Johnson No comments exist
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One Thing: Vulnerability

Ok, cynics and those who are less than inspired by inspirational posts….don’t laugh.
You may want to click away. It’s ok, I don’t mind (much).


This morning, while walking a few miles together, my sister and I were discussing the value of vulnerability, in life, and in business. Later this same day, I found myself moved to tears after reading two Facebook posts on my wall. 


The first was posted by Jim Earl, with a special and loving message of tribute to his Mom, who he lost a year ago this day.Jim Earl FB tribute to his Mom

Jim gave me permission to share his post. It’s beautiful to me, and especially heart-wrenching because I still have my mom, which is a true miracle, after nearly losing her to cancer a few years ago.


My mom learning to do a selfie with me

My mom learning to do a selfie with me

The double whammy came when I read about another Facebook Friend’s loss. They had to say goodbye to their “furry kid”, Mama Kitty, as they called her. Ugh! That did it. The floodgates opened. This put me over the edge. To my surprise, I was in tears after reading these posts on my Facebook mobile app. Those tears brought me to this post.


Over the years, I’ve had cynics and hard asses alike comment that they weren’t interested in “inspirational” posts and that it’s all too much with the quotes and such. I agree to an extent. I think that sometimes we use content of that type out of sheer “laziness” at times (more about that in another post). That’s not what I’m referring to here.  I’m moved by humanity and how we interact using technology as a tool to break down barriers on many levels.


We all have our ups and downs; moments we are feeling vulnerable. Based on many years of experience both personally and professionally on all the “major” social platforms, there’s one place where I can glance through quickly and pick up on posts that evoke emotion: Facebook. Go figure. The engagement there seems to be particularly intimate, if you will. And this is by design (but more on that in yet another post).


I’ve labeled it Face-brag and Crack-book over the years, because I consider myself a realist.


Facebook humor

Facebook humor

And still, when human beings I’ve come to know and admire online (and off) share their personal triumphs and tragedies once in a while, I find myself touched, moved, and inspired.


From a business perspective, I encourage my clients to determine their comfort level about sharing on their personal channels. It’s different for everyone. What I can say for sure is that when done tastefully and from the heart; occasionally, as opposed to a daily litany of “schmaltz” or just plain whining,  I grow to respect and trust those who show vulnerability (not to be mistaken with “habitual victims” and “drama queens”). And, I also tend to be inspired by them to be a better person, and count my own blessings.  I think there’s room for more of that in my life, and I wonder what your experiences have been with vulnerability in your online relationships, especially with friends you have yet to meet in real life (IRL).


Oh, and by the way, I am equally touched, moved, and inspired by those who can make me laugh out loud (LOL).


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